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Ever wish you could print your stuff right there? Mobile Report Printers allow you to do just that. The Brother PocketJet® 6 and PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printers use the proven and reliable direct thermal printing technology, which provides several benefits, including: low maintenance costs - no ink or ribbons to replace, higher reliability than other technologies due to fewer moving parts, quiet printing, and the ability to mount the printer in a vehicle in just about any orientation. The compact design of the PocketJet® 6 allows the printers to fit in places where space is limited, and the short paper path means there is less chance of a paper jam or misfeed.

  • Brother PocketJet 6
  • The Brother PocketJet® 6 and PocketJet® 6 Plus Mobile Printers are the newest generation of the popular and reliable PocketJet family of full-size, 8 1/2" wide mobile printers. These lightweight printers feature faster print speed, up to 6 ppm, high-quality output, up to 300 dpi, compact size, ease of operation, and the proven reliability of direct thermal printing technology.

    PocketJet 6 Printer

    PocketJet 6 Printer