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Automated Data Management Systems (ADMS)

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Stockroom Management

BMI markets one Automated Data Management Systems (ADCS) that allow you to maintain an accurate database by scanning your packages with a portable data terminal. The system is designed to be “stand alone”. Scanning based package tracking systems are vastly superior to any manual tracking method you may be employing now. Scanning is much more accurate and takes much less time and manpower than you currently are expending.

  • Desktop - Passport Stock
  • Passport Stock provides unmatched tracking and control whether you are tracking envelopes, food, medical supplies, recalls and production batch tracking. BMI Systems Group provides the technology and solutions to ensure your business can focus on what it does best while Passport provides you with the operational efficiencies to generate the highest ROI for you.

    Passport Stock offers the following features

    • Track All Inventory Received
    • Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or Without PO
    • Receive to a Default Location or to a Scanned Location
    • Receive using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier
    • Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations
    • Records All Inventory Issued by Destination
    • Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap
    • Issue Against Sales Order (SO) or Without SO
    • Provides Global and Local Inventory Levels
    • Maintain Standard Inventory Cost
    • Supports Random and Dedicated Putaway
    • Maintain Supplier Information
    • Categorize Raw Materials, WIP, Finished Goods
    • Automatic Reorder Quantity
    • Conduct Physical Inventory or Cycle Count
    • Reconcile Physical Inventory to Book Inventory
    • Work In Process (WIP) Tracking
    • Manage Kits / Assemblies
    • First In First Out (FIFO) Control
    • Create Inventory Lists, Bill Of Materials (BOM), and Pick Lists
    • Generate Management Reports
    • Data Export via Excel, Text, HTML, etc.
    • Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs
    • Easy to Use
    • Menu Driven Software
    • Use Cabled and Portable Scanners
    • User Configurable to Your Specifications

    Passport Stock

    Passport Stock