This is the registration page for the BMI Training training course.

Fill out the form below and click the Submit button when complete. Remember to select which class you will be attending. You must submit a purchase order to reserve a class seat. You can either send it by fax or mail. We look forward to seeing you!


BMI Systems Group
1900 West Chandler Blvd
STE 15-118
Chandler, AZ 85224


Main: 480-731-3127
Toll Free: 800-264-9949
Fax: 480-731-3129
Sales Extension:1
Support Extension:2
Business Office Extension:3
Press Related: 480-560-3630
E-mail: Bmi Email


Pricing Info:
The price for the spring training class is $199.00 per person, with an active BMI support agreement. If you are not surrently under support, the cost is $499.00 per person. Please contact BMI if you are unsure of your support status.
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